1. I've yet to matter

    My eldest son is half white. Will he go to hell?
    When will Israel receive His good grace once again?
    His nation says I am black, but as I do not know who my father is how do I know? My mothers skin was bright and so is mine.
    Thank you.

    • Son of Judah Post author

      Shalaam Shane… The Most High Deals according to the nationality of the father… Because a child is it’s father’s seed. So if the father of a boy or girl is one of the 12 tribes of israel… THEN IT’S GOOD! As in the scripture right here… Luke 1:55 reads~ As he spake to our fathers, to Abraham, and to his seed for ever. (Father and children)

  2. Cece

    I’ve been watching some of general yahannah videos on YouTube and I agree with what he teaches 150%. Can you tell me what foods we should and shouldn’t eat? I heard them say on a video that we are not suppose to eat pork, shrimp, clams, and lobster. But, what else shouldn’t we eat? Also, I am a single parent of a five year old boy. And I wanted to know how should I go about raising him until I meet a true Hebrew Israelite? My last question. If I wanted to attend one of your schools how would I go about doing that?

    • Son of Judah Post author

      Shalom! And Salachya (I apologize) for the delay. As far as the things we shall eat, that is covered in Leviticus the 11th chapter… In there, the Most High God instructs us what to eat. As far as the Hebrew schools and temples, it depends on what city you’re in.. There are many camps and those camps or schools will be a good environment to learn and also raise a child in. And since you like General Yahanna, then goto or com to find out more info on their schools across the nation. :-)

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