1. I've yet to matter

    My eldest son is half white. Will he go to hell?
    When will Israel receive His good grace once again?
    His nation says I am black, but as I do not know who my father is how do I know? My mothers skin was bright and so is mine.
    Thank you.

    • Son of Judah Post author

      Shalaam Shane… The Most High Deals according to the nationality of the father… Because a child is it’s father’s seed. So if the father of a boy or girl is one of the 12 tribes of israel… THEN IT’S GOOD! As in the scripture right here… Luke 1:55 reads~ As he spake to our fathers, to Abraham, and to his seed for ever. (Father and children)

  2. Cece

    I’ve been watching some of general yahannah videos on YouTube and I agree with what he teaches 150%. Can you tell me what foods we should and shouldn’t eat? I heard them say on a video that we are not suppose to eat pork, shrimp, clams, and lobster. But, what else shouldn’t we eat? Also, I am a single parent of a five year old boy. And I wanted to know how should I go about raising him until I meet a true Hebrew Israelite? My last question. If I wanted to attend one of your schools how would I go about doing that?

    • Son of Judah Post author

      Shalom! And Salachya (I apologize) for the delay. As far as the things we shall eat, that is covered in Leviticus the 11th chapter… In there, the Most High God instructs us what to eat. As far as the Hebrew schools and temples, it depends on what city you’re in.. There are many camps and those camps or schools will be a good environment to learn and also raise a child in. And since you like General Yahanna, then goto or com to find out more info on their schools across the nation. 🙂

  3. Maurice Stovall

    Ahki. Shalom. Todah for the words of encouragment for my newly awakened walk in recognizing my mishpacha history. I was wondering if you knew of any prayer groups in the Tampa, FL community. I reside in Tampa, Fl and would love to dress in my ancestral garments. I’d also wanted your thoughts on baldness of men. I understand that the Torah permits us from destroying the borders of our beards and heads. Are we allowed to keep the head on our hair short? or are we supposed to let it grow long?

  4. stanley

    I would like to know what history books i should get to correspond with the spirit was messing with me, i felt like was Hebrew lsraelites,but The Most High was letting know dont start Christian college. He shew me Deuteronomy28, than He shew me y’all, than my spirit bear witness, this the truth i post to follow. Praise be to The Most High for y’all.

    • Son of Judah Post author

      Shalom! Great question! Start reading the book named “From Babylon To Timbuktu” that book has a lot of rich history and facts that confirms the Bible and Apocrypha’s prophecies and laws.

  5. Phillip

    I have been watching your videos and I’m glad to know the truth. I’m from Judah and I would like to learn from you guys. Are there online classes I can watch?

  6. Shereene

    I have recently been awakened to the truth and acknowledge that I am from the tribe of Benjamin. I am based in London UK and would like to know more. Could you please send me some contact details. Thank you Shalom

  7. Anthony Shephard

    Shalom.. I have awaken bout a month ago… I live in NY.. I was wondering when is the street teachings are what are the benefits to joining a camp opposed to being an individual?!

    • Sons of Israel Post author

      Yes!!! There’s a garment link on the home page. Those same brothers originated and make those WE GOT NEXT tee shirts! Zabach

    • Sons of Israel Post author

      Shalom and yes. Check the link n he site where it’s advertising garments. Those are the same brothers who started the we got next movement. His email address is in the description.

  8. Emma

    I want to be more involved as a young woman ! I beilive I could grow spiritually with the African Hebrew Israelites it makes complete sense to me! But I’m from east London is there a community here ?!

    • Sons of Israel Post author

      Shalam Sis… And yes, Click under the UK Videos tab and there are videos from israelites who are teaching in Europe. And there information should be in the videos in the credits 🙂

  9. kaylon masarro kirby

    hello i dont know where to start i feel call and lost at the same time brother yarashalams videos locked on to me and YAH as made a place in my head and heart but i have come against a-lot of negativity i stay in chicago and have no fellowship, what the best way to study alone and what books beside the kgv do i need

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