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Army Of Israel Cleveland Debut (AOI)


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  1. Avatar of Sons of IsraelAnonymous

    I support just about all of your work but Why are you brothas so focused on these Mexicans maybe they are our brothas but they don’t give a fuck about black people immigration and imagrants are an assault on black progress these Mexicans struggle is not the same as our struggle we were forced into poverty and disadvantages they bring there poverty and disadvantages here and cloak themselves without struggles and are now wreaping any benefit we need to be about black people they’re only goal is to step over and around us and deflect our struggle n progress onto themselves immigration is killing black progress

  2. Avatar of Sons of IsraelAnonymous

    The mexicans have a strong desire to be so called white.
    They do not like the so called blacks.i know for a fact.
    They are as esau,to the so called blacks.
    They rob kill and destroy us.

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