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Class: Native Americans Are Israelites (T.H.U.G.)

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  1. Avatar of Sons of IsraelLatino

    Paste..for all Israelites

    Spread the word to all:

    Latino here. Be aware Esau is censoring, brothers like me cannot reach you. Example: I post comments on your channels, but only I see them. Because when same page seen through STARTPAGE…comments are invisible ( GHOST CENSORING) . Registration to social communication like WordPress, YT, etc., are all intercepted by Esau, esp. ifvtbeyvtarget one for speaking truth. I’ll make a YT channel soon. By you visiting, can override some of the censorship. Esau sitting his fat pink ass around, censoring and spying. Be aware….many Latinos share your views, and some look white, but…if you look’ll see STRENGTH IN UNITY. STRENGTH AND HONOR. LATINO OUT.

    I REALIZE TBIS ORGANIZATION MIGHT BE A PSYOPS, BUT..At least you speak truth. My forefathers built pyramids in the New World….Esau hates us Latinos just as bad. Weed out them Hamite coons causing division among brethren…Ahaya give tbee power, if you do his will. I’ll try make YT Chan…Latino Israelites..

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