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Did The Jews Reject Christ? (Brother Yarashalam)


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  1. Avatar of Sons of IsraelEmmanuel Jefferson

    I want to know more about the bible all your videos were helpful they changed my life and my view about the most higher, please i want more

    • Avatar of Sons of IsraelSons of Israel Post author

      Shalom… And we’re glad you’re enjoying the site. Our site has thousands of video lessons from Israelite teachers around the world! Just enter a search term in the SEARCH bar, and we’ll have you covered!!! All Praises to The Most High!!!

  2. Avatar of Sons of IsraelMark Nancarrow

    Hello. My name is Mark and I live in Queensland Australia. I have listened to at least 5 of brother Yarashalam’s videos. I am very interested in what he has to say. I myself was brought up in a ‘Christian’ home who’s family attended the Salvation Army. After distancing myself from this denomination for the next 20 years, I finally cried out to Jesus. I realised that although I was reading the bible and even studying it, my life was still full of sin,
    and indeed I was a slave to it. When I cried out to Jesus Christ, He set me free from these chains of sin immediately, and in 18 months none of this has returned; in fact, my hunger to know Jesus and be obedient has only
    grown. Since then, I am realising that even though I know what He has done for me (which scripture backs up. Romans 6), I don’t know Him anywhere near as much as I want to. I am still in the process of unlearning what I have been taught and your website has
    helped with this. Just one question/ observation: brother Yarashalam speaks much of
    obedience as expected, but so far I have yet
    to hear of the saving grace of Jesus and His
    blood. As I understand the scriptures, no one
    can stand in front of The Most High on their
    own ability for all for short, and indeed, our
    works cannot save us. Only faith in the blood
    of Jesus Christ, the mediator, can save us.
    For it is sin that separates us from God, and Jesus has paid the price for those sins. We are known by our fruit, and these fruits should be in obedience with what Jesus has commanded us, however, obedience to these on their own do not save us, only the blood of Jesus can save us from our sins. Do you agree?
    Thank you,

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