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Street Teaching Hebrew Israelites in Brixton England



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  1. Avatar of Sons of IsraelAstrid chase

    I am very interested in meeting women or elders of Hebrew Israelites as I am a student studying the Bible at home an ex Jehovah witness never baptised left at 18 years old and now 51 years and from Ladbroke Grove but live in Chelsea have been listening to the history but most of all the scriptural evidence and truth of yhwh Elohim and the westindian my father from Barbados and mother from Belfast and believe in the most high yhwwh and we are the Hebrew Israelites that sinned against our almighty father in heaven and his kingdom is at hand and his day draws near and the great tribulation is upon us , I have no way to contact you but need a telephone number or congregation address and invite and prayer for guidance that you ministers and brothers and sisters shall help with spiritual food at this serious time of the world as we know it today like just befor Noah so thankyou for encouragement and support of spiritual awareness of the righteous scriptures and spreading the kingdom message of returning home to Jerusalem and the Israelite family please help with scriptures and the way of literature and updates

    • Avatar of Sons of IsraelSharon Young

      Hi Astrid
      I find out the truth of who I am about 3 months ago. There is so many Hevpbrew Israelites Camps on YouTube preaching and teaching the word of the bible and trying to wake up our people of who we are as Hevpbrew Israelites. The King Jame Bible 1611 and the Aprocrypha bible is what you need to be reading. Am from the Tribe of Benjamin both my parents are Jamaican and I have joined the IUIC Camps which are a big camp base in America and have in the UK in Birmingham and London. I have been to one of their congregations not Ealing on a Sabbath Holy day on 10th September and met other Hebrew Israelites brothers and sisters where we link up on the TV with others IUIC Israelites base in the UK and America where we were talking by web camp, reading scriptures, praying nd having a meal because we had to fast from Saturday sundown to Sunday sundown. So if you want to get in contact and meet other Hebrew Israelites sisters you will have to meet the brothers first which are called Soliders in the camp as they have ranks… But watch their videos on YouTube IUIC.. And get back to me and we take it from there but you must follow The Most a High YAHAWAH which is his Hebrew name but in IUIC we do not call him by that name we call him God… His Laws Statues and Commandments.

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