Racism Is Still In Affect

whites onlyFrom the 1800s to this very day, racism is still in affect, the only problem is there are multitudes of people here in America that hates to acknowledge it,  even though it’s smack dab in there faces. Some people actually want to believe racism is done away with like it’s nothing but an old story on a movie screen or inside of a history book. Maybe people fill like this because Deception, is a big part of racism today which is a big problem because it is very difficult to identify who is and who isn’t anti black.

At least back in time you new exactly who despised you because of your skin color, today people have know clue and very rarely come across people that are openly racist. But that doesn’t mean racism is over, yes there are allot of white people that are not racist, and yes we are doing better than chattel slavery and legal segregation. But how does that benefit us when young black boys and girls like Renisha McBride, Trayvon Martin or Aiyana Stanley-Jones are being murdered one after another.

And the list goes on Jordan Davis, Rekia Boyd, Jonathan Ferrell, Mike Brown and millions of other black boys, girls, women and men who have been killed by the hands of white police officers. Black men and women are being targeted and treated like common criminals do to the new stop-and-frisk law. So lets be honest, we are fooling ourselves if we think we have achieved racial equality or eliminated racial prejudice, Americas court systems don’t even acknowledge the Black Race as equals to the white race.

Racism Inside The Court System

Marissa stand your groundMarissa Alexander of Jacksonville Florida fired warning shots against her abusive husband, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Alexander’s attorney said she was clearly defending herself and should not have to spend the next two decades behind bars. Even her husband Rico Gray told prosecutors in the deposition that Alexander came back into the house holding the weapon and told him to leave. He refused Gray said “she shot in the air one time,” telling him and his children to leave.

Marissa Alexander did not kill or harm anyone, she was in fear for her own life do to a pattern of  abusive altercations with her husband Rico Gray whom she had already taken out a protective order on. In August 2011, a judge rejected a motion by Alexander’s attorney to grant her immunity under the “Stand your Ground” law. But yet George Zimmerman murders an unarmed teenage black male who was minding his on business, and was granted immunity under the “Stand your Ground” law, Trayvon Martin was just defending his self.

The Harsh Reality Of Modern Day Racism & historical racism is white supremacy, the belief that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds. And as long as they believe this and teach there youth to believe the same, whites will never look at the Black Race or any other race as equals. In fact most white supremacists identify various racial and cultural groups as their primary enemy, which explains exactly why societal racism in America only privileges the white race over all other races.

Source: The Harsh Reality Of Modern Day Racism